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Program pricing for front and back yards
Interior lots up to 5,000 SqFt - Corner lots up to 7,500 SqFt
Program prices based on one-time full payment discount
Payment due at the time of service. We accept all major Credit Cards
Or see pay-as-you-go rates section below

Grassy Summer Weeds are an extra expense that not all yards require
Therefore it is not in the basic program pricing in order to keep costs down for all customers
We will not know if your yard requires this specialty treatment until the summer growing season occurs


Substantial savings can be achieved through our one-time payment programs.
Billing is an additional expense we do not like to pass on to our customers.
If you so choose to pay as you go, you will incur these additional charges.

Hit & miss weed control does not work, our basic program highlights the important times to treat
No one time treatment exists for a full calendar year of weed control

What you can do for your yard at this time.

1) Mow once a week at a minimum.
Common Bermuda grass should be cut no less than 2”
2) Water at least 3 times per week.
3) Fertilize every 4 to 6 weeks.


Weed control is a process. As most of you have seen, weeds come at different times of the year.
Annuals, perennials and grassy weeds all have different life cycles. 
They also require different chemical treatments.

Weed Control
Weed Control is the use of physical and chemical methods to stop weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth.
You provide the physical control with mowing. We provide the chemical controls through spraying.
For proper control, Pre-emergence needs to be applied every 8 weeks.

Lawn Maintenance
Regularly scheduled lawn maintenance is very important to the health of your lawn. Mow, Edge, Trim etc.
Mowing Bermuda grass weekly encourages it to grow in a more dense fashion, rather than straight up.
A dense vigorous turf, will provide its own weed control. Not allowing sun to reach the soil to germinate weed seeds.
Weekly mowing prevents you from cutting too much of the plant off at one time. No more than 1/3 cut off at a time.

Soil Moisture
Soil moisture is the quantity of water in the soil. Oklahoma summers can be brutal on your landscape.
Sometimes watering is the only source of moisture, with little or no rain in the forecast.
1 inch of moisture per week is recommended for the health of your lawn.

Fertilization is the addition of nutrients to the soil in order to supply plants with food.
Through fertilization and vigorous growth, your grass will start to control its own weed population.
This growth combined with regularly scheduled lawn maintenance will allow grass to fill in the bare spots.

Combining these 4 keys will result in a beautiful lawn. 

Complete satisfaction will not be achieved by omitting steps.

This is an Oklahoma family owned & operated business.
All lawns are treated with a Certified Applicator with the Oklaho
ma Department of Agriculture.
Our people have a vested interest in our company, love their job, and want to provide you with the best lawn on the block.
We do not send service techs with no understanding of the chemicals or combinations of the ingredients in their tanks.
We are licensed & insured with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food & Forestry. 405-772-0514