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Fall Pre Emergence
Interior lot - $40.00 / Corner Lot - $50.00

September - November

The cooler temperatures mark the end of another growing season. Perennials are preparing to go dormant,
and summer annuals are preparing to set seed. 
It is time for an application of a fall pre-emergent to prevent winter weeds.

Winter annual weeds begin to emerge from seed when warm season turfgrass begins to enter dormancy in the fall.
Annual bluegrass, smooth brome, henbit, mouse-ear chickweed, common chickweed, cranesbill and shepherd's purse
are the most common winter annual weeds that plague Oklahoma yards during the cooler months.

These weeds emerge in the fall when temperatures begin to cool, from seeds that have been dormant since late spring.
Annual winter weeds grow slowly throughout the winter and begin rapid growth when temperatures rise in the late winter.

Winter weeds are unsightly and heavy infestations can be extremely damaging to warm-season turfgrasses during spring green-up.
Weeds compete for sunlight, soil moisture and plant nutrients during this time period.

This One Visit Includes The Following 3 Treatments

1)   Pre emergent - Stops weed seeds from germinating.

2)   Post emergent - Kills broadleaf weeds already growing

3)   Spot treatment of Summer grassy weeds

Three treatments combined into 1 visit

Our Goal is to combine treatments and minimize intrusive visits to your yard. This equals savings for you.

 Price is for front & back yard not to exceed 6,000 sqft
 90% of lot sizes qualify for this pricing
 Call for front or back only pricing

Please note, Fall Pre emergence is the most important time to treat.
One look in fall and we see all of summers nuisance weeds that may have infested your lawn.
With this information, we can better formulate a plan for next season. 

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Most common winter annuals here in Oklahoma
Carolina Geranium - Poa Annua - Henbit
Chickweed - Purple Deadnettle - Speedwell
Buttercups - Clover - Wild Violet

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