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Summer Grassy Weeds

Crabgrass - Nutsedge
Johnsongrass - Goosegrass

Crabgrass as well as Goosegrass are summer annuals.
They both grow from seed in thin turfgrasses.
A strong dense turf will help keep these weeds from taking over.

Johnsongrass is a perennial that spreads by seed and rhizomes.
So it attacks your yard from above and below ground.
The seed it produces can be controlled with a pre emergent.
The rhizome can only be controlled with post emergent when growing.

Nutsedge is also a perennial that spreads by seeds and tubers underground.
If left uncontrolled it will spread throughout your lawn.
The only way to kill it is to treat it when it is growing.
This allows the chemicals to kill the tubers underground.

You are in luck, we can treat and kill these weeds.
This treatment requires specialty chemicals that will eradicate
these grasses without killing your bermuda lawn in the process.

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for killing these nuisance weeds

Treatment includes three modes of action
1. Post emergent to kill the weeds to the roots, tubers and rhizomes.
2. Pre emergent to stop weed seeds from germination while grass fills in bare spots.
3. Commercial grade fertilizer designed to green and
thicken turfgrass as to not allow light to the soil.

What you can do now for your yard
Mow a minimum of once a week.
Raise mower if you are cutting off too much at a time.
A higher cut yard will retain more moisture.
The lower the cut, more water will be required.

Water on your odd/even watering schedule.
Just because it rained, do not stop watering for a week. 
Keep the soil moisture up by keeping up with you regular watering schedule.

Fertilize every 4 to 6 weeks.
If the yard is pale green, the lawn needs food.
Stay ahead of the pale times and stay on schedule.
Water your fertilizer in, do not wait for rain.
Rain in Oklahoma comes in 20 minute bursts, washouts happen.

Weed control is a process. As most of you have seen, weeds come at different times of the year.
Annuals, perennials and grassy weeds all have different life cycles. 
They also require different chemical treatments.

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This is an Oklahoma family owned & operated business.
All lawns are treated with a Certified Applicator with the Oklaho
ma Department of Agriculture.
Our people have a vested interest in our company, love their job, and want to provide you with the best lawn on the block.
We do not send service techs with no understanding of the chemicals or combinations of the ingredients in their tanks.
We are licensed & insured with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food & Forestry.
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